• offer a choice of selected properties
  • try to calibrate the proposed members of the client's needs
  • give a rapid response
  • We habitually or accurate compliance checks on technical / administrative buildings
  • Clearly, our professional assistance or follow the entire negotiating process until the full formalization
  • have agreements with major banks for the granting of loans
  • upon request, we can provide assistance for restructuring using the best local professionals, selected years

AGENZIA IL CARUGGIO your choice ,because we are
“Present in the 'real estate for years, with success and professionalism.”

Homes for Sale Rapallo Agency Il Caruggio

The Il Caruggio, through experience and ongoing study is now among the primary structures operating in the area, specializing in both sales and rentals with everything related to real estate: evaluations, consultations and services, cadastral surveys, research, management.
Also active in the field of holiday rentals, vacation rentals, even for short periods, for those who choose the sea as a tourist destination, thanks to the cooperation with important partners in the Gulf of Tigullio, we offer a 360 °
But the main field of action is the real estate, primarily in the Gulf of Tigullio, Portofino Coast, where we do business in the Pearl of the Tigullio (ie, Santa Margherita Ligure), one of the seven wonders of the world (ie the picturesque Portofino), in Chiavari a city full of charm and culture, with a valid commercial fabric and a beautiful old town, Blackboard, with the same name portodilavagna.com International Port and the beautiful beaches, then moved to Cavi di Lavagna you get to Sestri Levante other Perla del Tigullio, with its two seas of Light Blue. Finally, we operate on the lovely home of Rapallo seat of the International Golf and Tennis Club one of the oldest in Italy, which since the '70s, with expansion to 18 holes, begins anew path of great success and recognition, (last guest in terms of time was the golf champion Matthew Manassero with SKY who celebrated his 18 years with the Portofino Challenge).
Rapallo became one of the most scenic areas of Italy, the beauty of their holes and the presence of trees with their fronds which contribute significantly to beautify and distinguish all areas of the field.
The Carlo Riva Port, is another pride of the city which also boast Festediluglio.it is a centuries-old tradition that on days 1, 2, 3 July - in honor of Our Lady of Montallegro fireworks takes the prize shoot day with fireworks at night.
The real estate Il Caruggio - REAL ESTATE - agenziarevello.com also makes use of a highly qualified staff, rich experience and able to communicate with customers of different nationalities.
You can count on the cooperation of both direct and indirect staff with extensive knowledge in real estate specific legal constantly updated with new rules for the drafting of contracts, foreplay, everything else will need for the successful outcome of negotiations. The quality of services offered, professional staff (only members of the Chamber of Commerce, according to the law 39 \ 89, can work with us), transparency in transparency in the conduct of negotiations is our motto, as well as the best form of advertising
Finally, we are proud of the collaboration of an experienced law firm for specific advice and technical studies to satisfy all needs related to public offices, Cadastre and the Municipality.
your choice, because we are "present in the ilcaruggio.it 'real estate for years, with success, seriousness and professionalism"

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